Street Art

A few years ago, street art in Cyprus was considered little more than vandalism, frowned upon by most and totally disregarded by many.  Whilst the majority still hesitate to accept the practice, there is no denying that street art is a far bigger deal on the island in recent years especially leading to the Culture year of 2017, with festivals encouraging talented young artists to jazz up public spaces and buildings in need of a colourful revamp, while many derelict and abandoned spaces, parking lots, and empty walls around Paphos have come to life with all sorts of brilliant designs.

With this in mind we took to the streets of Paphos Old Town to find more of the art work mentioned above.   Absolutely amazing display of various colourful paintings on empty walls and car parking spaces.

Car Parking



A few talents joined forces to create this impressive graffiti in the Makarios Avenue parking lot in Paphos –  as part of the Paphos Street Art Square Festival to add colour to the streets of the seaside town.

The art work below is shown on one of the electricity boxes.  Isn’t it amazing?  We found this one at the start of our walk into the narrow streets of the old town.


Phill and I probably haven’t found them all yet….do you think you can find some more for us?…..


Another Old Town Visit – Can’t keep away!!

I’ve found now that the old town has almost been finished with its re-generation project that you can’t go often enough and see something new to visit, so last week Carolyn and I took another girlie trip into Paphos Old Town.  Parking the car we wandered through the tiny streets visiting many of the lovely shops there.  Many shoe shops (which I love) and bags too.  There are also a few jewellery shops well worth a visit selling some beautiful jewellery.  There are some quirky coffee shops too offering soft drinks, coffee and if tempted you can also try a Cypriot Coffee.  Most coffees come with a glass of iced water.  Some of the coffee shops serve fantastic cakes – home made carrot cake, apple cake and even scones.

Before coffee we had a wander round the Municipal Gardens to look at the Sculptures which had been done.  One from China, and most of course were Cypriot.

Coffee was then a welcome break – somewhere to sit in the shade after our culture lesson.  As some of you will know one of my favourite places is Omnia Espresso and Wine Bar – it is in such a great location to watch the world go by, looking out to the Municipal Gardens and to the various Government Buildings including the Town Hall.  A stage was being built in front of where we were sitting which was being used that evening to hold one of the many Cultural Events.

Heading back towards the car we came across a number of murals created by local artists.  Well worth a stroll to see them through the old town down the narrow roads. No excuse now that the weather is cooler.