Omodos a Traditional Cypriot Village

Omodos is a traditional village in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. It is located in the Limassol District of Cyprus and is about 80 kilometres from the city of Nicosia and a big favourite with many people including our friends.

On arrival you will find that Omodos is car free village (except for local traffic) and on arrival you are directed to a car park when you can park your car and then walk to the the village.  The narrow roads to the village square have lots of small shops selling different Cypriot products.  Be careful when walking around the village and it is definitely worthwhile taking / wearing flat shoes otherwise you may find yourself on the ground.  The square has really small cobbles and none are flat and some are missing.


Omodos Village Square with its restaurants and shops

On the lanes off the square there craft shops where you can purchase ornaments, paintings, lace tablecloths  and jewellery to name but a few items.  In someof the shops you may be lucky enough to watch the artists are work producing some beautiful works of art.

The village produces a lot of wine and holds a wine festival every August.  It is even possible to taste some of the local wines prior to making a purchase.  There were too many to choose from however, we opted for a lovely crisp dry white wine and a beautiful bottle of red wine from the local winery.  Some nibbles were also provided.

Once you have had lunch and wandered round the shops and spent some of your euros you may wish to visit the 17th century monastery  Timios Stavros Monastery also known as the Church of the Holy Cross  via a cobblestone path….

There are several legends behind the emergence of this monastery. One of them describes a miracle working cross being discovered in a local cave by the ancient inhabitants of Kupetra — a village that existed before Omodos.  In another legend, Queen Elena, who was traveling from Jerusalem with the True Cross and had to wait out a storm in a small harbor in Cyprus, had a divine vision. She saw the Cross hovering over the mountain — a vision that convinced her to found the Stavrovouni Monastery. Some of the other monasteries on the island also emerged thanks to her and each one of them had received a piece of the True Cross, as the legend has it. One way or another, a piece of the Cross was gifted to the Timios Stavros Monastery by Queen Elena during her visit and became the monastery’s main relic.

It is alleged that the monastery and the village of Omodos were founded following the construction of a small church in 210. The monastery’s current appearance dates back to 1816. In mid 19thcentury the ancient Byzantine church was completely reconstructed and replaced by a massive three-nave basilica.

What more could you wish for on a day out…..great company, sunshine, lunch, shopping and some history…..what’s not to like.  It’s easy to get there and you can take in some of Cyprus’ beautiful coastline heading towards Limassol before you turn left to venture up towards the Troodos Mountains.


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