August Already and 2 Years HERE Today!!

I can’t believe it is two years today 31st August we have been living on this beautiful island of Cyprus.

Over this period we have met some truly wonderful people including guests staying with us in Villa Corrado who have become lovely friends.   This has made it all worthwhile, our guests have been amazing and we are so grateful to have met them.


Villa Corrado

This year Phill and I have settled down to a more relaxed way of life here and the 9-5 job  or dare I say the 7.30 am to whenever the day ended job has become a distant memory.  We are beginning to relax into taking life a bit easier and not have the hustle and bustle of the M25 and Canary Wharf to enjoy.  The train commute either at the crack of dawn to get across London before it is too busy or before some signalling failure or leaves on the line.

We have learned that life is to enjoy and when we can we go out and discover more of the island.  The beaches, the hidden villages, the mountains and the history behind Cyprus too.  Lots to learn here from plant life, what can and be planted around the garden here in Coral Bay due to hot temperatures and humidity.   I wanted to grow blue berries for my porridge and was told they wouldn’t grow where we lived, so have to settle for buying them instead when they are available. There are different types of bugs here too which destroy the garden plants if you aren’t careful.  One of these is the mealybug.  Phill is constantly learning about what needs to be done for each plant and his garden shed has started to look like a medicine cabinet!

We have been visiting our favourite beaches again this summer and really enjoying the picnics we are having (taking the cool box with lots of goodies to feast on when we are there)  and I even have a tiny pink beach chair now.  Got Phill a blue one not sure he would have liked the pink colour.  A beach umbrella is a must to protect you from the sun.


Harry at Latchi Beach

Harry came to visit us at the end of June and off we went to some of our favourite beaches.  The first one being Latchi Beach – not quite in Latchi but between Latchi and the Baths of Aphrodite.  It is a fabulous beach albeit a bit stony but the water there is crystal clear and is so popular at weekends with all the local people but it is so big there is so much space around you.  It is heaven…..

I have always wanted to see the Blue Lagoon that everyone says “you just have to go to” as it looks amazing from the photographs.  There are many boat trips from Latchi to the Blue Lagoon, including motorboat hire (self drive not sure what the sea term is). Of course silly me thought by driving back to Coral Bay through the Akamas National Park we would go near the Blue Lagoon………….how wrong could I be!!  We started our journey bobbing about in our little Jimny and it gradually got worse and the road turned into what I could only describe as a dry river bed all different levels with lots of stones…..and it climbed and climbed and we never went anywhere near the sea but it was so worth it as the views were beautiful.

From the map you can see the main B7 road that we normally would take and then you can see the off-road section cutting right across the peninsula.  It was a crazy journey and probably of course would have been slightly better in a quad bike but you just gotta try it.

Next time I will have to take a boat trip or hire a motor boat to see the Blue Lagoon.  Not sure I Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 12.40.08 PMcould face another adventure through these hills to find another road to the coastal area.

Our next trip was to Kourion Beach which is situated on the coastal road towards Limassol.  It is near the Archaeological Site of Kourion.

Although lots of pebbles at the water’s edge the sea is sandy and very shallow going out.  It was however so windy the day we went that we had to do a lot of wave jumping to get anywhere.  Good fun was also had on the boogie board we had with us.

There were lots of people arriving to windsurf and kite surf.  Definitely worth a visit.  We had a great time.

Although it is very warm here I am starting to think I have acclimatised to the weather.  I have managed to suppress any complaints about the heat especially in July and August.  So Phill doesn’t hear me complain at all.  Actually August has been much cooler this year whereas I think May was warmer.  Or maybe just me…anyway the temperatures have been very pleasant especially sitting outside in the evening enjoying lots of barbecues and salads.  Too hot to cook indoors and even better Phill then does all the cooking….can’t be bad can it??

One of our favourite places this year has been Sea Caves Tavern where the staff are lovely and the service is really good.  And even better the view is to die for and the sea breeze makes it all worth while.  The food is good too and served freshly cooked each time.

I have also found a few hobbies that I enjoy including, drawing with graphite and stone painting.   I just love it, it can keep me busy for hours.  I am trying hard to get good at portraits.  None so far have looked like anyone but I hope one day I will get there as I love those artists that do photorealism…..AMAZING!

Watch this space as I hope one of my future blogs will show what I have achieved whilst living here.





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