Food Glorious Food

We Absolutely love shopping at our new-found butcher  “Butcher Boy”

This shop had been advertised for months on the radio and we had never thought of going into it probably because we always shopped locally and although Butcher Boy wasn’t far it was around 8 km from our home.  However, we took the plunge and decided one day to go!!

We absolutely loved It – upon entering the shop Niki (the owner) introduced herself and  her husband Neophytos to us. They were such friendly welcoming people. Prior to making our purchases at the deli counter she let us try some of the cooked meats as well as coleslaw, bean salad which is made in the shop. Wow!! We were in our element.

There were cheeses from everywhere, cheddar, Gorgonzola, brie, cambozola, stilton and white stilton with apricots to name but a few.  The other fridge beside the cheeses contained, prepared lasagne, quiche, various sizes of pork pies, cooked meats including honey roast ham, various types of Spanish sausage as well as some salamis and chorizo…..and so much more.

The butchers counter was an equally impressive display of meat for barbecuing as well as a range of various cuts of meat from stuffed pork belly, pork schnitzel to pork loin chops and not forgetting lovely fillet and sirloin steaks. What more could we want….. maybe a delicious bottle of wine to go with it all. And of course they have wine too!!

Richard, one of the butchers on the counter is very helpful and where possible will serve you anything even if not on display.  He even made us a stuffed belly of pork knowing that it is one of Phill’s favourites.


Each week we have to make the trip to this shop and love it.  This week we are putting in our Christmas order – can’t wait – no longer do I need to pop into Marks and Spencer in Paphos for a frozen turkey breast – they make everything in “Butcher Boy” – turkey crown,  cured gammon and whatever else you may want to see in the festive season.

If you haven’t been yet – you gotta go!! NOW!



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