Antiques Anyone?

We had a few errands to do on Saturday morning…. pick up a parcel from DHL in Paphos.  Next go to Butcher Boy for the best meat and deli around (watch for next blog on Butcher Boy).  And lastly, purchase an android box and then we were finished.

As we were near Kennedy Square shopping we decided to go for coffee  in Grafico Cafe.

As we found a space to park the car we passed an antique shop.  This shop had always intested us so we popped into it to explore what was on offer.   At the entrance was a fabulous old delivery bicycle (I think, as it had a basket section on the front of it). A fair horse (I think!!).  Upon entering the shop all that we could hear was loud Greek music playing out.




As we progressed through the shop it was easy to lose each other as there were lots of nooks and crannies in it. Each room seemed to lead to another room full of different things for sale.   I think Drew Pritchard would have loved some of them.  An old children’s car 🚗 and even an old typewriter ( I’m sure I’ve used one of them as a child, it belonged to my grandparents) and some old radios too.  Lots of copper and clay pots too as well as really old advertisement signs and not forgetting lots of old ornaments and toys.  There was also old tools and many things that I didn’t have a clue what they were.

As we loved the bicycle we thought we’d get a price for it – could have been a nice garden ornament I thought – €500 to buy it as it was or €800 fully refurbished……..maybe next time I’ll take my cheque book 😜 or someone elses would be better!!

Time for coffee so off we went to Grafico Cafe for some 🍰 and a scone and more importantly to watch the world go by on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Sitting there we noticed that the streets around were much busier than they had been earlier in the year so it is a good sign for Paphos. It is definitely worth a visit next time you are in Cyprus.

Lots of cafes to sit in for a meal or just a snack or even a cool drink or coffee in the heat. If your morning shopping has been thirsty work stop at one of the cafes to enjoy the view over the Paphos coastline and sip on a cool refreshing drink.

I will keep our gem of a find to one of my future blogs.  Can’t tell you or even show you everything at once can I?


2 thoughts on “Antiques Anyone?

  1. Another interesting read. Love all them old streets and antique shops. Uphill Lincoln is like that but without the sun. Although on a good day places like that are great to rummage around. Had visions of Phil cycling around the street on the old bike. He could have put Douglas in the front basket 🚲 🐶

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