MOT for Chuggy

Today Phill took Chuggy for an MOT. Just when I thought it was going to be simple from now on……

The UK log book doesn’t have an engine number on it only ‘diesel’ and of course this is a requirement for the MOT and the registration of the car 🚗.

The garage couldn’t find it so they couldn’t do the MOT so Phill has been under the bonnet and under the car itself with torch and my makeup mirror trying to find it this afternoon and after an hour or so trying to locate it …… yippee!! He has found it with a help from the internet thankfully.

The second criteria which the car failed on was the front passenger and driver’s windows had a slight tint and in Cyprus these window tints are illegal albeit they were legally done in the UK so the tint has to be removed. Boo boo.

Poor wee Chuggy !! He likes his sun glasses 👓.

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