“Chuggy” can stay !!

Yippee we have now received confirmation that ‘Chuggy’ our Jeep Grand Cherokee can stay in Cyprus without having to pay the €12,000 emissions tax which is charged in Cyprus when bringing a car into the country.

It had always been my intention to bring Chuggy here to live. After all it had four doors, air-conditioning and tinted windows. So it was a great car to drive if going any distance and if there were more than 2 of you.

We discovered on the last day before leaving the UK with Chuggy that we would be charged around €12,000. However we also learned that one person can bring a car to Cyprus and provided they are living in Cyprus and that the car has belonged to the person for more than 6 months that the emissions duty can be avoided on production of an assortment of papers required by Customs. It has taken 8 months to get the letter confirming acceptance otherwise Chuggy would be on another ship bound for the UK holiday for him over.

Our first stop the other day was the Customs Office who advised us that we had to first of all go to the Ministry of Transport to get a form stating the car’s emissions which they take from the UK Log Book. Also as I’ve never registered a car in my name I needed to obtain an ‘A’ number (owner identification reference). Once this was issued and we had the necessary forms relating to the emissions we had to go to the Clearing Agent who clears the car through customs. Oops forgot to say that in advance of going to the clearing agent we had to go to the post office to get 2 x €1 stamps and at the same time I got 2 x €2 stamps which would be used later during the car registration process.

The car had been cleared and we returned to Customs to provide the confirmation that the car had been cleared to be brought into the country and that we had an exemption from paying emissions. One thing the log book didn’t have was the engine number so once the car has been registered we need to return to Customs to provide this information.

All that done and we were onto the next step which is to have the car MOT’d which is going to be tomorrow. MOTs are done once every 2 years in Cyprus at a cost of approximately €35.

Next week we will take the car to be registered and pay the annual tax which is circa €960 (and the 2 x €2 stamps).  Chuggy will then lose his UK identity 😂😂😂 and become a Cypriot 🇨🇾 for a while. You can see he is definitely getting used to looking for shade when he stops.

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