What to get up to when it is cooler

What to do in the cooler months was the question on our minds now that the busy season was coming to an end!!  There is so much for everyone here in Cyprus even when the sun isn’t burning a hole in you.

Two ideas came to mind…… clay pigeon shooting and cycling so with these ideas in mind off we went last week to check these ideas out.

Wednesdays and Saturdays at Episkopi, clay pigeon shooting takes place so as it was Wednesday we thought let’s go and try it out.  It didn’t open until 1.30pm so we went for a drive into Limassol to find gun shops and bicycle shops before heading back to Episkopi.

First stop was a gun shop in Limassol to have a look around and I wanted to buy a pair of ear defenders. The shop was full of camouflage hunting clothes downstairs. Upstairs were where the shot guns were kept.


Then it was onto a couple of cycle shops to find out the differences between road and mountain bicycles.

It was then time to go to the Episkopi Garrison Gun Club (EGG Club) to try our hand at clay pigeon shooting. Phill of course had tried it lots of times before and I had had a trial lesson 7 years ago.

We arrived at the EGG Club and were directed to the club house to complete registration. After registering we were given a box 📦 containing 25 shotgun cartridges each and directed to an other section of the club for the safety walk through and gun fitting.

The safety walk through told us all about the gun and how to hold it. This included how to stand and put the butt of the gun on your shoulder and cheek bone resting on the comb of the gun.  This stance was to ensure that there was no recoil when pulling the trigger.

Next stage we were fitted with the gun.  We had to identify which was our dominant eye by doing a little test by holding out your finger straight in front of you and closing one eye at a time. The dominant eye is identified as the one that doesn’t cause the finger to move when an eye is closed. Try it for yourself.

My right eye was the dominant eye as was Phill’s. I am left-handed but luckily enough I could hold the gun in my right shoulder and shoot as a right-handed person (or not as it turned out) 😁.

All kitted out and knowing roughly what I had to do we made our way to the first area to shoot the clays trying to remember everything I had been taught.  So much info flying through my little brain. 😉

The positioning of the gun on my shoulder was really important together with the placing of my cheek on the comb of the gun.  Not of course forgetting the feet positioning. Leaning forward on my left foot.  Never leaning back on the right foot. Must admit it all felt rather strange.

Ear defenders had to be worn at all times when shooting too.  Quite funny though when asked my name I had to take the ear defenders of to answer – strange when you can’t hear yourself speak normally.

Now the only thing left was for the instructor to show the direction that this first clay would go so that we knew how to position the gun.

Ok so I positioned myself with the gun and the only thing left to do was to shout “pull” so that the instructor released the first clay for me to hit.  BANG 💥 went the gun as I proceeded to miss the first clay.  Now I had to reload to try again BANG 💥 again as I shouted “pull” for the next clay and the next and the next without any luck of actually hitting a target.

My positioning was wrong so much so that my face ended up bruised as did my shoulder due to the recoil of the gun.  At the end of the day I looked as though I had been hit with an upper cut to my jaw.

There was so much to learn that it started to sound like learning to play golf “keep you arm straight, don’t lift your body when you swing to hit the ball”.  Think that was the reason I was also so bad at golf I never ever got it right.  Well this time I am going to try again and tomorrow we are heading out with our friends Anth and Al to the Limassol Gun club for something different.  Maybe I will improve.  I certainly can’t be any worse.

Our Guns for the Day Waiting for Us

Bet you just can’t wait to have a go!!  Definitely a good day out here with around 15 different areas to shoot from and clays flying in lots of different directions – I’m avoiding the technical terms for these as I haven’t learned them yet!!

Watch my next instalment of my clay pigeon adventure and see if I have actually improved in a week.


3 thoughts on “What to get up to when it is cooler

  1. Really looking forward to it. Do you think they would let us keep the ear defenders so we don’t have to listen to the boys!!!! 👍🏽😀☘️


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