Antiques Anyone?

We had a few errands to do on Saturday morning…. pick up a parcel from DHL in Paphos.  Next go to Butcher Boy for the best meat and deli around (watch for next blog on Butcher Boy).  And lastly, purchase an android box and then we were finished.

As we were near Kennedy Square shopping we decided to go for coffee  in Grafico Cafe.

As we found a space to park the car we passed an antique shop.  This shop had always intested us so we popped into it to explore what was on offer.   At the entrance was a fabulous old delivery bicycle (I think, as it had a basket section on the front of it). A fair horse (I think!!).  Upon entering the shop all that we could hear was loud Greek music playing out.




As we progressed through the shop it was easy to lose each other as there were lots of nooks and crannies in it. Each room seemed to lead to another room full of different things for sale.   I think Drew Pritchard would have loved some of them.  An old children’s car 🚗 and even an old typewriter ( I’m sure I’ve used one of them as a child, it belonged to my grandparents) and some old radios too.  Lots of copper and clay pots too as well as really old advertisement signs and not forgetting lots of old ornaments and toys.  There was also old tools and many things that I didn’t have a clue what they were.

As we loved the bicycle we thought we’d get a price for it – could have been a nice garden ornament I thought – €500 to buy it as it was or €800 fully refurbished……..maybe next time I’ll take my cheque book 😜 or someone elses would be better!!

Time for coffee so off we went to Grafico Cafe for some 🍰 and a scone and more importantly to watch the world go by on this beautiful Saturday morning.

Sitting there we noticed that the streets around were much busier than they had been earlier in the year so it is a good sign for Paphos. It is definitely worth a visit next time you are in Cyprus.

Lots of cafes to sit in for a meal or just a snack or even a cool drink or coffee in the heat. If your morning shopping has been thirsty work stop at one of the cafes to enjoy the view over the Paphos coastline and sip on a cool refreshing drink.

I will keep our gem of a find to one of my future blogs.  Can’t tell you or even show you everything at once can I?


MOT for Chuggy

Today Phill took Chuggy for an MOT. Just when I thought it was going to be simple from now on……

The UK log book doesn’t have an engine number on it only ‘diesel’ and of course this is a requirement for the MOT and the registration of the car 🚗.

The garage couldn’t find it so they couldn’t do the MOT so Phill has been under the bonnet and under the car itself with torch and my makeup mirror trying to find it this afternoon and after an hour or so trying to locate it …… yippee!! He has found it with a help from the internet thankfully.

The second criteria which the car failed on was the front passenger and driver’s windows had a slight tint and in Cyprus these window tints are illegal albeit they were legally done in the UK so the tint has to be removed. Boo boo.

Poor wee Chuggy !! He likes his sun glasses 👓.

Clay Pigeon Shooting in Limassol

Where has the time gone.  Last week I mentioned going clay pigeon shooting again and here we are a week later and I’ve not provided an update to you and even worse Al and Anthea’s holiday is over and they have gone home!!

We decided to go to another club this time as we had heard good reports about it. so at 10am Anth and Al our friends joined us for the beautiful scenic journey to the Limassol Shooting Club which is just a short drive from Limassol.

We arrived at the club and went inside to find the person who would provide us with guns and shotgun cartridges and tell us everything we needed to know about the club and shooting there.

We passed the cafe/bar area which looked really good and onto the office to register and go shooting.  There was also an outside seating area for relaxing and avoiding the direct sunlight.

As Phill and Al had shot before we didn’t need anyone to take us out so we were provided with one gun between us (safer that way and after all only one person was shooting at a time anyway) and 200 shotgun cartridges and a 150 clays to shoot. We also received a card (similar to a credit card) which was required to load the clays using the machine at the chosen shooting area  – they are released in blocks of 25 and then the card must be re-inserted again for the next 25.

Everything to me was different from the EGG Club at Episkopi – no training session  nor was a gun safety walk-through required. I was told this was because Phill and Al had shot before and therefore not needed.  To get to the shooting zone we were directed back to the car and told what direction to go to find an empty shooting area.  Too far to walk and in the middle of nowhere.

All very excited we found one empty shooting area so out of the car we got with all our cartridges and the gun we were sharing – on this occasion we did not get measured for the gun like we did at Episkopi but nonetheless we were still very keen to have a go.

Getting everything ready and figuring out how everything worked we set about trying the various traps where the clays are released from.  The above picture shows the device to release the clays with the buttons marked A through to E – the clays were released in different directions each with a different name to mimic a real pigeons flight.

The terminology commonly used by clay shooters often relates to times past, when live-pigeon competitions were held.  Although such competitions were made illegal in the UK in 1921, a target may still be called a “bird”, a hit may be referred to as a “kill”, and a missed target as a “bird away”; the machine which projects the targets is still known as a “trap”.

Targets (Clays) are released into the air either as singles or doubles (depending on competency level) from one or more traps situated some 15 m in front of the shooter, and are generally going away from the firing point at varying speeds, angles and elevations. The most common types of release are known as:

  • Down-The-Line (DTL) Single Barrel
  • Double Rise
  • Automatic Ball Trap (ABT)
  • Olympic Trap
  • Double Trap
  • Universal Trench
  • Helice (or ZZ)

Ear defenders on as a matter of priority even if you weren’t shooting to ensure there was no damage to our ears while we were shooting.  All ready to go we each took turn at shooting and of course to release the clay from the chosen trap we shouted PULL!!   The idea is to follow the “bird” and of course hit it before it lands……..

I was really pleased as based on what I had learned on the previous visit I somehow managed to get the gun into a better position this time around as I didn’t have any bruising on my face or shoulder when we had finished.  So I seemed to be getting the gun in the right position in my shoulder and also resting my cheekbone on the gun comb.  The downside was that I only hit one clay – not sure now that this is the sport for me – another one ticked of the list that I am bad at – to add to the already long list – golf, putting, tennis, badminton, swimming, snorkelling,  – too many to mention – the list is endless!!  Maybe I need to stick to cooking and baking!!

We finally finished shooting and returned to the club house to return the gun and have a cold drink as 2 hours in 28 degree heat was worthy of a well deserved drink.

Drinks over we left and headed to Limassol Old Port for a late lunch and then the most beautiful scenic drive home along the old coast road to Coral Bay.

What a great day and such good fun – well worth the journey.

Yet another great day out with friends in Cyprus.






“Chuggy” can stay !!

Yippee we have now received confirmation that ‘Chuggy’ our Jeep Grand Cherokee can stay in Cyprus without having to pay the €12,000 emissions tax which is charged in Cyprus when bringing a car into the country.

It had always been my intention to bring Chuggy here to live. After all it had four doors, air-conditioning and tinted windows. So it was a great car to drive if going any distance and if there were more than 2 of you.

We discovered on the last day before leaving the UK with Chuggy that we would be charged around €12,000. However we also learned that one person can bring a car to Cyprus and provided they are living in Cyprus and that the car has belonged to the person for more than 6 months that the emissions duty can be avoided on production of an assortment of papers required by Customs. It has taken 8 months to get the letter confirming acceptance otherwise Chuggy would be on another ship bound for the UK holiday for him over.

Our first stop the other day was the Customs Office who advised us that we had to first of all go to the Ministry of Transport to get a form stating the car’s emissions which they take from the UK Log Book. Also as I’ve never registered a car in my name I needed to obtain an ‘A’ number (owner identification reference). Once this was issued and we had the necessary forms relating to the emissions we had to go to the Clearing Agent who clears the car through customs. Oops forgot to say that in advance of going to the clearing agent we had to go to the post office to get 2 x €1 stamps and at the same time I got 2 x €2 stamps which would be used later during the car registration process.

The car had been cleared and we returned to Customs to provide the confirmation that the car had been cleared to be brought into the country and that we had an exemption from paying emissions. One thing the log book didn’t have was the engine number so once the car has been registered we need to return to Customs to provide this information.

All that done and we were onto the next step which is to have the car MOT’d which is going to be tomorrow. MOTs are done once every 2 years in Cyprus at a cost of approximately €35.

Next week we will take the car to be registered and pay the annual tax which is circa €960 (and the 2 x €2 stamps).  Chuggy will then lose his UK identity 😂😂😂 and become a Cypriot 🇨🇾 for a while. You can see he is definitely getting used to looking for shade when he stops.

What to get up to when it is cooler

What to do in the cooler months was the question on our minds now that the busy season was coming to an end!!  There is so much for everyone here in Cyprus even when the sun isn’t burning a hole in you.

Two ideas came to mind…… clay pigeon shooting and cycling so with these ideas in mind off we went last week to check these ideas out.

Wednesdays and Saturdays at Episkopi, clay pigeon shooting takes place so as it was Wednesday we thought let’s go and try it out.  It didn’t open until 1.30pm so we went for a drive into Limassol to find gun shops and bicycle shops before heading back to Episkopi.

First stop was a gun shop in Limassol to have a look around and I wanted to buy a pair of ear defenders. The shop was full of camouflage hunting clothes downstairs. Upstairs were where the shot guns were kept.


Then it was onto a couple of cycle shops to find out the differences between road and mountain bicycles.

It was then time to go to the Episkopi Garrison Gun Club (EGG Club) to try our hand at clay pigeon shooting. Phill of course had tried it lots of times before and I had had a trial lesson 7 years ago.

We arrived at the EGG Club and were directed to the club house to complete registration. After registering we were given a box 📦 containing 25 shotgun cartridges each and directed to an other section of the club for the safety walk through and gun fitting.

The safety walk through told us all about the gun and how to hold it. This included how to stand and put the butt of the gun on your shoulder and cheek bone resting on the comb of the gun.  This stance was to ensure that there was no recoil when pulling the trigger.

Next stage we were fitted with the gun.  We had to identify which was our dominant eye by doing a little test by holding out your finger straight in front of you and closing one eye at a time. The dominant eye is identified as the one that doesn’t cause the finger to move when an eye is closed. Try it for yourself.

My right eye was the dominant eye as was Phill’s. I am left-handed but luckily enough I could hold the gun in my right shoulder and shoot as a right-handed person (or not as it turned out) 😁.

All kitted out and knowing roughly what I had to do we made our way to the first area to shoot the clays trying to remember everything I had been taught.  So much info flying through my little brain. 😉

The positioning of the gun on my shoulder was really important together with the placing of my cheek on the comb of the gun.  Not of course forgetting the feet positioning. Leaning forward on my left foot.  Never leaning back on the right foot. Must admit it all felt rather strange.

Ear defenders had to be worn at all times when shooting too.  Quite funny though when asked my name I had to take the ear defenders of to answer – strange when you can’t hear yourself speak normally.

Now the only thing left was for the instructor to show the direction that this first clay would go so that we knew how to position the gun.

Ok so I positioned myself with the gun and the only thing left to do was to shout “pull” so that the instructor released the first clay for me to hit.  BANG 💥 went the gun as I proceeded to miss the first clay.  Now I had to reload to try again BANG 💥 again as I shouted “pull” for the next clay and the next and the next without any luck of actually hitting a target.

My positioning was wrong so much so that my face ended up bruised as did my shoulder due to the recoil of the gun.  At the end of the day I looked as though I had been hit with an upper cut to my jaw.

There was so much to learn that it started to sound like learning to play golf “keep you arm straight, don’t lift your body when you swing to hit the ball”.  Think that was the reason I was also so bad at golf I never ever got it right.  Well this time I am going to try again and tomorrow we are heading out with our friends Anth and Al to the Limassol Gun club for something different.  Maybe I will improve.  I certainly can’t be any worse.

Our Guns for the Day Waiting for Us

Bet you just can’t wait to have a go!!  Definitely a good day out here with around 15 different areas to shoot from and clays flying in lots of different directions – I’m avoiding the technical terms for these as I haven’t learned them yet!!

Watch my next instalment of my clay pigeon adventure and see if I have actually improved in a week.


Another Old Town Visit – Can’t keep away!!

I’ve found now that the old town has almost been finished with its re-generation project that you can’t go often enough and see something new to visit, so last week Carolyn and I took another girlie trip into Paphos Old Town.  Parking the car we wandered through the tiny streets visiting many of the lovely shops there.  Many shoe shops (which I love) and bags too.  There are also a few jewellery shops well worth a visit selling some beautiful jewellery.  There are some quirky coffee shops too offering soft drinks, coffee and if tempted you can also try a Cypriot Coffee.  Most coffees come with a glass of iced water.  Some of the coffee shops serve fantastic cakes – home made carrot cake, apple cake and even scones.

Before coffee we had a wander round the Municipal Gardens to look at the Sculptures which had been done.  One from China, and most of course were Cypriot.

Coffee was then a welcome break – somewhere to sit in the shade after our culture lesson.  As some of you will know one of my favourite places is Omnia Espresso and Wine Bar – it is in such a great location to watch the world go by, looking out to the Municipal Gardens and to the various Government Buildings including the Town Hall.  A stage was being built in front of where we were sitting which was being used that evening to hold one of the many Cultural Events.

Heading back towards the car we came across a number of murals created by local artists.  Well worth a stroll to see them through the old town down the narrow roads. No excuse now that the weather is cooler.