Bike Ride Anyone?

Do you enjoy cycling competitively or just for fun well why not visit Cyprus in March, when Cyprus holds the Gran Fondo 3 day cycling event?

Or  if this isn’t for you why not rent a bicycle of even better bring your own with you as this is when Cyprus is at its best for cycling.  A beautiful breeze, a bright sun but offering cooler temperatures than the summer months, green grass, wild flowers, and the odd light shower of rain between sunshine – it is paradise out there for cyclists.

Cyprus Gran Fondo cycling event is held in March and for those of you who don’t know about this event it is  a 3-day Road “Cycling for All” event that will take place in Cyprus during the last weekend of March 2018 (23-25 March) for the seventh consecutive year.  It’s an event where professional and amateur riders will ride shoulder to shoulder, climb the nicest Cyprus Mountains and enjoy the Cyprus weather and nature.  Dare to try the event and cycle between 80 and 100 km each day – well now is the time to register.

It has certainly got me thinking about cycling again as the cooler months approach.  Of course couldn’t even begin thinking about 80-100 km – I think my limit is 20 kms but who knows with practise I may well get there. Cyprus is perfect in the cooler months as there are so many quiet roads for cycling. Perhaps you fancy a cycle into Paphos from Coral Bay or to Agios Georgios as cycle lanes have been created in lots of the road now. Stop of en-route for lunch or something to drink.

Please take a look at my blog which I did earlier this year Cycling in Cyprus.



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