Year 2 – Day 1 – another beach visited

Well here we are now into our second year in sunny Cyprus so what more could you wish for than to celebrate our first year here on a lovely beach that we had never been to before with a nicely packed picnic?  A bit different from last year on this date as we were flying high in the sky heading here ( see Can’t believe it!! A YEAR AGO – WE MOVED TO CYPRUS!!)

Today’s outing took us to Kourion Beach.  We had passed it many times on our way to Limassol and from high up on the hill it looked absolutely amazing so today in celebration the start of our second year here we thought we’d head down to this beach.  

There are 3 restaurants on the beach if you happen to want something to eat or drink.  There are also life guards at certain points along the beach too.  The walk into the sea is lovely and sandy and you can venture out quite far before it starts to get deep.  We had a great time wave jumping today.  

After playing around in the sea it was time for our picnic and out came the sandwiches and drinks.  It was lovely just sitting there watching the waves and the world go by.

Picnic time over and it was time to read…………

Heading home it was time to have an ice cream and we knew the perfect spot to stop with the most amazing view……at the top of the hill looking down towards the Birth Place of Aphrodite (see Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty, Pleasure and Procreation).  It was the perfect way to end our perfect day.

One thing we missed doing today was to visit the Kourion Amphitheatre which sits high on the hill above Kourion Beach so if you do happen to venture there make sure you visit it as it looks absolutely amazing. 


3 thoughts on “Year 2 – Day 1 – another beach visited

  1. Hi looks like you had a lovely day out. We stayed in Limmasol twice on holiday and went to the Kourion Amphitheatre and got told off for eating our ice creams that we had bought at the entrance, no one told us that you couldn’t eat them once you were in. Another day we went to the Loel Winery and there were about 10 of us and we went in sober but came out tipsy. There is a sponge factory in Limmasol as well, that’s good too. Today we had sunshine mixed with heavy rain so you defo had the best day. There’s nothing nicer than a good picnic. It’s surprising the many places we have visited over the past 12 years holidaying in Cyprus. Your blog is bringing back memories. Great read. Looking forward to the next one.
    BFN x Anth ☘️

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    • Thanks Anth x. Did really want to go for a walk round the amphitheatre but it was hot so decided we would go later in the year. Can’t wait. Mad about the ice cream eh?
      Tonight we are off to Melitzias Tavern in Tala with friends for dinner. Love ❤️ it there have you been? X


  2. Hi Fi no we haven’t been to any of the tavernas up higher. Send us a pic. We’re going to start sorting the garage out this weekend. There are boxes everywhere and other bits we probably won’t bring with us. Want to make extra room. Movers coming next Tuesday to do a final up to date count on what we’re bringing. Starting to feel more real now! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just snap your fingers and it would all be done. Wanted to say for you to think if there’s anything you want bringing out in October. Something small and light obviously because of weight restrictions. Maybe your favourite lipstick or makeup or perfume and Phil also minus the lipstick bit.
    BFN Anth ☘️


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