Villa Corrado Updates

Our electrician visited us at Villa Corrado today to replace all of the outdoor lighting in readiness for our guests visiting in the summer.  New garden lights were added outside on the terrace to provide beautiful lighting for alfresco dining and relaxing on the terrace.

The next update to the villa on our list of things to do is to put a new pergola on the terrace so that some shade is provided whilst you enjoy eating outdoors.  Don’t worry there is still going to be lots of sun to be found on the terrace, by the pool and surrounding garden area if that is what you are looking for so fear not you can still go home with a lovely tan!!

Watch this space as we start work on the build of our new pergola – tomorrow we will measure for wood and once the wood is ordered and delivered I will provide the photographs showing progress being made.

My friend who has been here on holiday for the last 9 days returns home to the UK tomorrow so to end her holiday here we paid a trip to one of her favourite locations, the “Sea You Beach Bar”.  AND what a location it is !!

I previously mentioned the work being carried out there and today it is still progressing with new paving being put down and closest to the sea new rustic decking has been laid.

As you can see from the photographs the weather was once again amazing I bet you can’t wait to get here!!



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