First Weekend in March

What a weekend weather-wise for the first weekend in March, the sun shining brightly and the temperature rising to 21/22 degrees during the day.   Good news also was that the pool reached a temperature of 20 degrees too so it shouldn’t be long before we are swimming in it once again.

It is hard to think of different seasons in Cyprus as most days even in the winter months are sunny and although it may not be bikini weather at times it is certainly possible to walk around in shorts and tee-shirts a lot of the time during the day.  Sounds a bit different from UK weather in the winter wouldn’t you agree?   It certainly feels like we are heading towards the summer with its warm balmy evenings and beautiful sunny days.

The days are getting longer too with sunrise taking place just after 6am and sunset around 6pm.  Many restaurants are extending their opening hours to 7 days once again and many more have opened following the winter holidays.  Coral Bay is starting to show more and more life about it every day.

We had another leisurely walk to Coralia Beach yesterday and found it  busier with visitors, some sunbathing and others taking a dip in the clear Mediterranean Sea.  And of course people like ourselves strolling around the harbour and the sea front.



Coralia Beach

The sun beds have now returned to the beach having been put away during the cooler months.

A few families could also be seen on Coral Bay Beach enjoying the beautiful weather and playing in the sea.

Another fabulous day today where the sun shone brightly and temperatures once again were in the low to mid 20s so we grabbed the chance to have a Barbecue with our friends.

It was time to try out the new skewers to make a great Rick Stein Recipe, Lamb and Pistachio Koftas followed by a lemon cheesecake using lemons from the garden.  Oh and I forgot to mention a little glass of bubbly was also on the menu.  Delicious on a warm sunny day.

What more could we want on a Sunday.  Great food,  great company and the perfect location!!



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