Green Monday

Green Monday- Bank Holiday Weekend  – Traditional foods include olives, octopus, and shrimp. In addition to picnics, outdoor activities used to celebrate the day include flying kites, dancing, music, etc.

We headed down to Lighthouse Beach today to see what was happening on “Green Monday”.  We arrived at the car park to find it overflowing and cars parked everywhere.

img_2349 Along the walkway towards Paphos harbour and also in the opposite direction towards the Tombs of the Kings were many families enjoying themselves, having picnics and cooking on the barbecue.  Mums and Dads were seen to be having fun with their children.

It seemed that the main attraction when we arrived was kite flying where hundreds of adults and children were flying kites along the coastal paths and on the beach.  There was even a kite vendor for those that hadn’t brought their kites with them.

Maybe we didn’t stay long enough or we may have been in the wrong location to enjoy the other festivities, live bands and dancing  but it was another fabulous day out where the weather was amazing.  It was so good to see families having fun together and enjoying their surroundings, from swimming in the sea to playing games and of course flying their kites (homemade in some instances) Brought back memories of things I remember doing as a child.



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