19 degrees and rising so they say….


Yet another sunny day with temperatures rising here in Cyprus it is definitely feeling more towards summer than the winter months that we have just left behind.

Feeling now that the weather is getting better I am getting very much into my fitness regime of wanting to go walking each morning and in the late afternoon before the sun goes down – not quite got to the evening walk yet but had a lovely 3 mile walk this morning nice and early and it felt so good.

A slightly different route this morning spending a bit more time in the countryside surrounding the villa giving us an opportunity to see what is going on in the fields and the banana plantations close up instead of whizzing past them in a car.  The top left picture below shows that the farmers have cut the grass and it is now drying in the sun ready to be used later in the year.

Cyprus is quite amazing at this time of year where many of the fields have an abundance of colour – lots of yellow and even some purple thrown in!!  At this time of year all the wild flowers of Cyprus grow and the fields start to look like they do in the UK when the rape seed is growing – so beautiful.

Can you believe the blue skies today – it is great to feel the sun on my face once again – what a beautiful time of year.  Perfect temperatures during the day and even getting milder in the evenings too.

After all that hard work I thought it time for a coffee stop….one of my favourite coffee shops at the moment is Grão de Café in Peyia, (it sits on the main road on the way up to the top of Peyia on the left hand side) where they serve fab coffees and great cakes too.   A lovely Flat White today Mmmmm…….I am of course being good as I’ve managed to avoid having a cake.

Definitely also worth trying their iced coffees, frappes and iced lattes are great!!

Maybe next time you visit Cyprus !




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