First Walk of the year-22nd February 2017

Well today seems like the first day of summer to me.  Definitely shorts and tee-shirt weather during the day.  Currently (don’t forget it is February) it is a whopping 18 degrees in Coral Bay and I am loving it.  Everyone says I shouldn’t feel the cold since I am Scottish but I must be one of these Scot’s that I need it to be at least 18 degrees to feel happy and to get rid of the blue colouring from the cold weather.

Of course it is February and it could all change tomorrow and revert back to being a bit cold but for today it is amazing.

First thing this morning Phill and I took a lovely walk to the two beaches in Coral Bay, Coralia Beach and Coral Bay Beach.  Our route to the beach goes past the Coral Beach Hotel towards Coralia Beach.  We discovered this morning that they have changed the car park at this point and it is looking great.  Palm Trees are being planted and a new wall has also been built.  Wait until you see it I’m sure you will like what they have done!!

The 615 bus from Coral Bay to Paphos starts and ends here.

Once at the sea front at Coralia Beach we headed along the front towards the Coral Beach Hotel having stopped to take in and enjoy the breathtaking view before us.  The water is crystal clear and you can see everything in the water including the little fish going about their daily business.  The beaches are quiet at the moment but there visitors here and some are enjoying swimming in the sea (even in February).  Look at the photographs below and in the distance you will see someone swimming.  Don’t you wish it was you?

We passed the harbour where lots of boats are docked and followed the footpath along the front at the Coral Beach Hotel.  fullsizeoutput_b27

The grass at the hotel is also very green due to the rain we have had during the winter.  Cyprus does look beautiful in the winter too as everything grows and is very green opposed to the dry land that you normally see in the summer.

If you keep going you can go right to the end and then climb some steps which takes you up to the Thalassa Boutique Hotel and Spa.


When we were there we walked down to Coral Bay Beach and along the sand, it was lovely.  At the moment due to the storms in December in Cyprus there is quite a bit of seaweed on the beach at one corner about as tall as me – quite amazing to see really although don’t worry it will be cleared soon in readiness for visitors to the island

Coffee is calling us so of home now – until tomorrow !!

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